At APPEC, we are excited about supporting the development of Physical Education through school based action research run by teacher practitioners. Starting from APPEC 2017, Action Research Panels highlight research taking place inside schools.

We encourage any teacher conducting research to submit a presentation proposal. You might be looking for research partners, asking for feedback, or sharing the results of your research. We will endeavour to group similar research areas together where possible.

Action research panels are a series of three 15-minute presentations taking place during one of the eight workshop blocks at the conference, and with each session moderated by an APPEC Committee member. There will be a shared question time at the end of the session.

Accepted presentations will be entitled to a US$25 discount on the main conference fee. This discount is not applicable to preconference events.

Previous Research Panel Presentations have included:

  • A Study on Mental Skills Training Effectiveness in Improving Student Athletes’ Confidence Levels in Competition.
  • Promoting Professional Learning: An Exploratory Study of Beginning PE Teachers in Singapore Secondary Schools
  • Adapted Lesson Study Journey: The 4 Key Guiding Principles to Lesson Planning & Delivery to Ensure Quality of Experience for Student Cohort at Fernvale Primary School
  • A Narrative Inquiry on the Impact of On-site professional development development on PE Teachers Professional Knowledge
  • Effectiveness of Immediate Feedback Through Video Playback and Analysis