This is to confirm your registration for the School & Elite Sports Tour on Friday 13 November 2015.

The tour bus will be departing from the two conference hotels as per the conference schedule.

A few notes for your information:


This will leave on time. If you miss the bus, you can still join the tour but will need to catch up by Taxi at your own expense. If this is the case call Graeme on 9739-4776 to find out where to join the tour.

If you were to take a Taxi to the first school on the tour, these are directions for your driver

(In English)
King George V School,
2 Tin Kwong Rd
Ho Man Tin
Hong Kong

(In Cantonese)


The dress code for the day is casual, but we advise that you take a layered approach as the weather can change a lot at this time of year. Current weather forecast is for 22C to 25C throughout the day.

You will have the opportunity to Bounce at the end of the day on trampolines so depending on your energy level, you may wish to bring some lighter clothes for that activity.

Food and Drink

There will be coffee in the morning followed by the Elite Athlete lunch at HKSI, which will cover all key diet types. After the session at Bounce, drinks and snacks will follow.
We suggest you bring a water bottle to keep you hydrated. There will be opportunities to refill your bottle as the day progresses.

Post Trip

At the end of the Bounce Session the bus will take you back to to the conference hotels.

We hope you are as excited about the trip as we are and look forward to seeing you on the Schools and Elite Sports Tour.