Information for Junk Trip Attendees:

We will be departing from Tai Tam Pier, conveniently located right next to the conference venue, and will then cruise around the Island finishing at Central Pier in Victoria Harbour.

A few notes for your information:

Boarding the Junks

At the end of the first day of the conference (Saturday), you will be asked to assemble at 18:00 at Middle School 5/F Garden – which is the social location – where we will do a quick roll-call. We will then make our way down together to the dock. If you are not at the dock when the Junk is scheduled to leave at around 18:20 the boat will not wait.

There are now two junks and we will be allocating Keynote Speakers and Sponsors to specific junks but otherwise the junks will be boarded by order of arrival at the dock. If you want to be with someone in particular then make sure you stick together. But also consider this as the perfect opportunity to meet new people!


The dress code for the event is casual, but we advise that you take a layered approach as the weather does get cooler in the evening and especially on the open water. Current weather forecast is for 22C to 25C throughout the day.

Food and Drink

There will be beer, wine and soft drinks as well as light snacks onboard the Junk.

Post Junk Trip

At the end of the Junk Trip you can either make your own way back to your hotel by taxi, bus, tram or MTR or perhaps party-on to enjoy HK nightlife. We are sure you will meet others on the Junk Trip who will be up for this.

We hope you are as excited about the trip as we are and look forward to seeing you on the Junk.