Quadrupedal Movement

QM is an intensive two-day workshop (14 hours total) in which you will learn the foundation QM forms including regressions, progressions, and variations for all skill levels. You’ll explore how and when to use each movement individually, as well as how to move between the forms to create a functional application of quadrupedal movement.

Learning to support your bodyweight through crawling and low gait movement is a powerful tool for developing fantastic strength, mobility, flexibility and agility.

This workshop introduces the foundational concepts and methods of low gait and quadrupedal movement, including drills to build strength, mobility and flexibility. You will be exposed to the concepts of fluidity, unbroken kinetic chains of movement, bodyweight support mechanisms, functional biomechanics and flow work, leading on to advanced locomotion forms and combinations.

Key Details

This is a full two day workshop.

14 & 15 November // 09:00 – 16:00
Cost: US$549 (excluding 4% registration fee)


Dan Edwardes is founder and Master Coach at Parkour Generations, the world’s original parkour teaching organisation. With over 30 years’ experience in martial arts and parkour and a host of other movement-related disciplines, Dan has taught tens of thousands of practitioners, coaches and personal trainers across more than 40 countries.

He has been featured across major publications, channels and podcasts such as Men’s Fitness, Vice Magazine, The Times, Fat Burning Man, The Guardian, Men’s Health, FitPro Blog, SpartanUp, Elite Training Programs and many more, and he has presented at leading industry events such as IDEA World, IHRSA, Paleo f(X), Barefoot Training Summit, FitPro Live, Asian Fitness Conference, World Power Show and others.

His education programmes are accredited by bodies such as NASM, AFAA and ACE in the USA, YMCA Awards, 1st4Sport  and UISP in Europe and FIT in Asia.

Dan has travelled extensively throughout his life to study and incorporate knowledge from disciplines both ancient and new to inform an approach to training that is practical, holistic, functional and effective.

Benefits of QM

  • Develops and reinforces physical literacy
  • Strengthens tissue connectivity
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Increased functional strength
  • Improved joint position sense, coordination and spatial awareness
  • Bulletproof your body against injury and rehab and repair existing injuries
  • Great heart/lungs workout
  • Improved fall prevention / fall management ability
  • No equipment required – practice anywhere, anytime
  • Challenging for all levels of strength and fitness
  • Great fun!

You Will Learn

  • Standing-crawling-prone transitions
  • Integrated, loaded mobility and flexibility movements
  • Triple flexion/extension of ankle/knee/hip and hip openers
  • Quadrupedal travelling forms
  • Rolling and falling forms
  • Quadrupedal strength training drills
  • Flow, combinations and patterns
  • Quadrupedal partner drills and movement games
  • Advanced locomotion forms
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